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Our trained professionals work with thousands of clients across North America to provide cutting-edge benefits that help both employees and employers. Exceptional products, simple administration, all at no direct cost to the company!

At Harvard Risk Management Corporation (HRMC), our specialty is offering cutting-edge employee benefits that help employees and employers alike. From our flagship products of identity theft coverage and group legal plans to exciting new benefits such as telemedicine plans, your business can be confident that HRMC is offering the best plans at the best value for your employees.

As a voluntary benefits broker, we have spent countless hours researching and analyzing various products and providers. During this competitive analysis process, we dig deep to examine not only cost comparison, but actual quality of service as well. The bottom line is we want your employees to be completely satisfied with the benefits they receive, and that's why we work so hard to offer the very best!

As a broker, we also represent a significant portion of business for the provider companies with whom we choose to work. This ensures that our clients receive the best service and the best rates from our providers.

At HRMC, we also seek to offer benefits that provide substantial value for employers. Although voluntary benefits represent no direct cost to employers, we have found that the benefits we offer actually save businesses money! Through decreased absenteeism, increased productivity, and lower insurance premiums, partnering with HRMC can positively impact your bottom line!

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Risk Management

While it may be impossible to eliminate all risk, our risk management consultants work with companies to help reduce exposure to identity theft and fraud. The solutions we offer can help to improve our clients' bottom line.

At Harvard Risk Management Corporation, we specialize in evaluating and addressing critical risks to businesses, employees and individuals, including fraud, identity theft and legal issues. Our agents work with our clients to detect and mitigate these risks by connecting our clients with affordable, cutting-edge solutions.

Identity theft affects over 10 million victims each year, and has been the number one complaint to the FTC for fifteen consecutive years. Losses to businesses are in the hundreds of billions. Safeguarding employees and families against identity theft is now more important than ever before. Through first-class education and voluntary benefit solutions that include proactive, preventive measures as well as complete identity restoration, Harvard Risk Management offers the most comprehensive solution available in the market today.

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Knowledge is Power! Our specialists conduct training and workshops on popular subjects such as identity theft, estate planning and financial wellness. Employees love this kind of interactive education, and it has actually been shown to increase productivity!

One of the easiest and best ways that a business can confront potential employee issues, is to offer education to their employees. Harvard Risk Management Corporation (HRMC) is dedicated to providing top-quality education through employee trainings, workshops and lunch & learns.

Our representatives can deliver training and education on a variety of important topics, such as identity theft and fraud prevention, estate planning and financial wellness. Employees love these interactive presentations, and best of all, education can usually be offered at no cost to the company! Contact an HRMC representative today for more information-you'll be glad you did!

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The Harvard Advantage

At Harvard Risk Management Corporation, our products offer proactive solutions to some of life's most common, and most difficult challenges. As a business client of Harvard Risk Management, not only will your employees have something to smile about, but you will be pleased with the positive effect our services have on your business. Our benefits have been shown to increasingly impact our clients' bottom line by reducing employee absenteeism and helping employees stay more focused while on the job.

In addition, as a client, you will enjoy extraordinary service with a personal touch. While we're proud to be the largest benefits broker in our industry, we are also pleased to offer the attention and one-on-one care of a small firm. With thousands of benefit specialists across North America, you'll be delighted with the hands-on service we provide. Also, our state of the art benefit plans are offered at the most competitive rates available!

At Harvard Risk Management, we truly care about your business, and your satisfaction is our first and only priority. Please contact us with any comments or feedback, as they are greatly appreciated.

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FTC on Identity Theft

Harvard Risk Management Corporation is one of the largest brokers in North America for identity theft solutions. We currently work with thousands of companies, associations, and individuals to help reduce risk and provide protection, security, and peace of mind.

Identity theft continues to be a major issue and according to the Federal Trade Commission , it has once again topped the list as the number one consumer complaint. Privacy Rights Clearinghouse , an independent organization, reports that there have been over 4,517 reported data breaches since 2005, which affect over 816 million records.